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Jenn L. Avatar

Bartenders were super friendly and not crowded for a Saturday night. We loved that they had darts and we enjoyed the pinball and skeet ball too.

Jenn L.
Neville M. Avatar

Pool, pinball, darts. Two floor bar with a city block of character.

Neville M.
Jason L. Avatar

5 star rating Just got off work and decide to grab a drink somewhere. My first impression when I walked into this place was like "Wow, this place is Lit." It's a popular place to hang out I guess. I went there on a Sunday around 4ishpm. I sat down and got a Rainier, it was very cheap $2.50 that my kind of deal I want for a can when I go to a bar. They were some Jell-O-Shots laying there at the bar and it was free. I have like 2 of them, apple flavor and it was pretty good. I'm gonna take my other friends here next time when I'm around the area. Great place, cheap drinks, and loud crowd!

Jason L.
Star G. Avatar

One of my favorite bars in Seattle, and the owner/staff are all awesome. Good location at Denny/Olive away from the crowded area of Pike/Pine in Cap Hill. Has pool table, juke box, a couple pinball machines and darts upstairs.

Star G.
J G. Avatar

5 star rating Best bar. Best crowd. Everyone here is awesome and that's why they have such high repeat business. Great happy hour. Good conversation. What more could you want?

J G.
Mario J. Avatar

everything a neighborhood bar should be

Mario J.
Shivam N. Avatar

5 star rating Free darts and an AWESOME happy hour with 4 dollar whiskey wells. The pour was a fat one 😉

Shivam N.
Aimee F. Avatar

I loved the bartender. He was very polite and welcoming. I had a rough day traveling to Seattle, then with my vehicle. After ordering pizza from next door (aaaammmaaazzzaing) then having a pbr on draft my worries subsided and I felt I could continue to overcome whatever Seattle could bring my way.

I'd recommend this join to anyone, especially ones with a dog. The customer is rad, the atmosphere is welcoming and they had about 10 + beers on draft. Two thumbs up on the prices too!!

Aimee F.
Hugh H. Avatar

5 star rating This is the best bar in Seattle to get a drink, hangout, watch sports and converse with friends.

Hugh H.
Rion M. Avatar

I don’t even live in Seattle anymore and still recommend this place to who ever asks where they should go when they visit Seattle. It will always be home base for me.

Rion M.
Kelly L. Avatar

Owner’s the best, bartender’s the best, community’s the best, couches... have character! 😉 (Said with love, can’t beat those original furnishings!)

Kelly L.
Reshma P. Avatar

What’s not to like I love it there most of all the service awesome.

Reshma P.
Gates W. Avatar

5 star rating This is my go-to bar in Cap Hill. Love it so much.

To start with, they do trivia once a month on the first Wed of the month. The questions can be hard, but luckily they offer a DFL prize if you come in dead last, so you can win even if you lose.

They have free peanuts for drunk munchies and have some board games behind the bar for people to play. There's a pool table and a juke box and more games upstairs. There's a buck hunter, a couple of pinball machines, a skeeball table/board, and two darts boards. So fun!

The one weird thing is that the ladies room uses curtains as "doors" to the stalls and sometimes drunk girls don't think and simply rip them open... lol. Nice to meet you too. But if you can get through the night without being walked in on, it's a fan-freakin-tastic place to drink.

Gates W.
Michael S. Avatar

This is a good bar. I like that they have peanuts.

Michael S.
Becca L. Avatar

Great bartender and amazing atmosphere! Would definitely go back!

Becca L.
Danielle M. Avatar

5 star rating Great service and a really fun atmosphere.  Went there for trivia last night.  Thankfully, they have a prize for last place (a pitcher of beer) that my group was able to "win".  Well worth the $3/person to play.  Definitely will be back next time I find myself in the Cap Hill area

Danielle M.
Mardi C. Avatar

5 star rating great diverse gem here.   boy oh boy did I have fun.    Met up with friends here after 30 years away from seattle.   This place reminded me of the way it used to be, because nowadays, its nothing like it was.

enjoyed everyone here.   The bartender was spot on, the music, great.    I loved having our dog with us, and more.   I will be back on the next visit.  

straight up, diverse, fabulous, bar.   kudo's for keeping it real on the hill.

Mardi C.
Timothy W. Avatar

It's home. Great people, good times, and strong drinks.

Timothy W.
Liz B. Avatar

5 star rating Great bar!!! I love this place! My local you'll hate it! Great bar, great staff, mine and Simon's favorite place to hang after much coffee.  Awesome non-dive but divey-ish enough! And there's sandwiches for sale as well. Enjoy!!

Liz B.
Jack A. Avatar

5 star rating Amazing place with very cool ambience!

Love it. Feels like a hidden gen

Great drinks. Free peanut. Ski ball and dart. Pretty perfect

Jack A.
Jake K. Avatar

5 star rating I came here for the first time on a dismal weekday night, one of those inevitable outcomes of a long stressful day. Nick, one of the three awesome bartenders I've met thus far, quickly served my drink and entertained a chat about the origins of the girl punk rock band currently playing. The numerous frequently-rotating taps eased my mind as I tried a variety of new brews. The locals and randoms, too, were happy to let me join in their conversations. Needless to say, much needed unwinding that evening.

Every time I came here since, I ended up having at least one good drink and interesting conversation. There's plenty of space, a comfy couch area, as well as a pool and arcades. And peanuts! Remember when that was standard at bars?

Whether you're looking for a stiff drink, a good company, or just getting your mind off of things, Hillside never disappoints!.

Jake K.
Corey O. Avatar

Got me drunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Corey O.
Jason V. Avatar

5 star rating Great bar smack in the middle of bar row on Olive Way! Nice staff, a pool table and also darts and pinball upstairs are enough to keep me busy, so give it a try sometime!

Jason V.
Nick G. Avatar

5 star rating Not many low-key dives left on the hill: this ones good. Neighborhood vibe & cheap drinks!

Nick G.
Phil P. Avatar

5 star rating It's a noisy, tacky dive bar...exactly what were looking for.

Great place with a damn good beer selection.

Phil P.
Simon G. Avatar

5 star rating My new favourite neighbourhood bar.....great staff....great beer selection. Pool table....Darts....Skee-ball and jukebox. The wife and I love it!!

Simon G.
Rachelle L. Avatar

5 star rating I checked this place out my last day in the city. It was chill neighborhood bar. Played some good tunes too.

Rachelle L.
Brooke B. Avatar

Only the best bar. With the best people. The coolest owners... And The hottest parties with the most dope Jell-O shots. That's all. No big.

Brooke B.
Alexandra R. Avatar

5 star rating We came here after initially trying out another bar (captain blacks) and feeling really unwanted and uncomfortable.

We walked into The Hillside Bar and Josh, who was tending the bar, greeted us. He was super friendly and took care of us! We liked him a lot. He was a nice guy.

The music is quirky and random. The atmosphere was nice and clean. The bar is split into two sides, one with the bar and one with the pool table. I didn't explore the pool table side much but it all seemed chill. The crowd was laid back and a mixture of sorts. Mind you, this was on a Wednesday night. I cannot vouch for a warm Friday night but I'm sure the whole area gets packed.

Overall, I would recommend this bar if your looking for cheap drinks, a regular bar crowd and some pizza to munch on. It's not gourmet gluten free vegan locally sourced organic artisan pizza, but it was cheap and hit the spot.

Alexandra R.
Darren M. Avatar

5 star rating Perfect place for our first Pride stop! Friendly people. Very welcoming. Great beers on tap. Will be back next time in Seattle.

Darren M.

Join Us for a Drink at Hillside Bar

Capitol Hill, Seattle

Darren M. Avatar
Darren M.
5 star rating

Perfect place for our first Pride stop! Friendly people. Very welcoming. Great beers on tap. Will be back next time in Seattle.