So long, pizza!

For years, whenever you’ve needed to get some food in your belly stat, you’ve been able to pick up a warmed-to-order pizza at Hillside. Cheap, tasty, necessary. But, times change. We change.

When Amante Pizza & Pasta began selling slices from a pick-up window across the street, we noticed. When Dino’s Tomato Pie opened right next door, we noticed. It didn’t feel like our fresh frozen pizzas were really all that necessary anymore. So, we decided to mix things up.

Molly's Sandwiches 2

Hello, Molly’s!

We’re now proud to offer hot sandwiches provided by Molly’s Grown to Eat.

Molly’s philosophy on food is simple. Find and use the very best ingredients to create the finest salads, sandwiches, and wraps available. Their healthy offerings focus on sourcing breads, vegetables, meats and cheeses from local farms, bakeries and other producers. What’s even better, they’re delicious.

As always, you’re welcome to bring outside food into Hillside. But, before you do, might we suggest you put your face around one of our sandwiches? You won’t regret it, probably.

“I’d eat that.”

Molly's Wrap