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Our promises of Hot Girl Summer have not been fulfilled yet… Seattle can’t give us any consecutive days of actual Summer weather. Our world is trash. We’re all sad girls.

Let’s put that all aside for one night and have the Hot Girl Party we deserve!

It will be a night of the best beats, the least amount of clothing, more Hennesey than we’ll know what to do with and just an overall theme of getting LITTY TO TITTY!

We getting Sexy, Sleazy and Stanky!

We’ll be dancing to hip-hop, dirty pop, reggaeton, dancehall, cumbias and all the Hot Girl anthems played by:

  • DJ Tony Burns
  • DJ Lady Jane (Mary Jane Mancilla)

Get on the dancefloor and twerk twerk twerk that ass with Go-Gos:

  • Caela Bailey
  • spICE! (Maritza Ogarro)
  • Chesty La Rue
  • Kiki Mustang
  • Al Lykya

With your hosts:
Tati (Tatiana Aguilera) and Andrew Jay

Dress code: Bring your bodies. No cheeks, no entry. Ass and titties.

This event is a fun night for people of all expressions regardless of race, gender, sexuality, size or abilities. Hillside is a venue for all bodies. If you can’t handle that, don’t come. If you can’t be around sexy ass folks without touching them, don’t come.

The venue has two gender-neutral bathrooms, one of which is wheelchair accessible. The dance floor is also wheelchair accessible.

No Cover 21+