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Caleb J. Avatar
Love the atmosphere. A great place to unwind with great drinks and friendly bartenders!
Caleb J.
Jamie S. Avatar
Came in a very bad mood that was not only alleviated but graced with a decent whisky selection, the good company of fellow patrons and the antics of the bartender of I dubbed "Squirrel" but I believe her name was Sophie. all in all a very solid bar not only for cap hill but for Seattle in general.
Jamie S.
Mira F. Avatar
Good ole dive with pinball skeeball and pool, these folks rad, tons of draft beer, good hang.
Mira F.
Damon K. Avatar
This place is a good place to make friends who become family!! I’ve met lots of veterans here and I’ve never had a bad time!!
Damon K.
Marcie Avatar
Sofia is wonderful and the whole reason to come here.
Lucas H. Avatar
Absolutely love the long island! And the bar tender was super professional
Lucas H.
Tyler G. Avatar
Excellent bar with great people. Ibreally love it here
Tyler G.
Dino P. Avatar
Great spot to hang and play darts or pool
Dino P.
Jon M. Avatar
Sophia was amazing! Visiting here and had the best experience
Jon M.
Stephanie B. Avatar
The bar, the owners, and the set up is what's up! Love this local bar with a bunch beers on tap and games like pinball, pool (free on Sundays) and darts!
Stephanie B.
Alice K. Avatar
5 star rating An easy bar - dim lights, cheap(ish) beer, a pool table, music in the background - sometimes loud sometimes not. I love that it's not pretentious and it proved to be a really great spot to gather with friends. Though, I will say, if you sit in the corner next to the pool table, you absolutely will have people asking you (or someone in your party) to move for them to take the shot.
Alice K.
Tyler G. Avatar
I love Hillside. Came across when i first moved to cap hill. I've since moved north but stop there after work every so often. The bartenders are great and personable, it has a divey feel but not too divey, and plenty to entertain yourself. Pool table downstairs, pinball, buck hunter, skeeball, and darts upstairs. Hillside is my comfort bar for sure. I greatly appreciate those who run it and am very thankful it's made it through the pandemic thus far. Keep it up!
Tyler G.
LuisEduardo T. Avatar
Cool bar 🍻😎 opens at 2 pm... happy hour..
LuisEduardo T.
Tyler G. Avatar
Best bar there is. Met great people here. Played alot of pool and pinball. I had only been in Seattle a year and started playing pool with strangers. 4 years later these guys are my best friends. I just really love the divey feel with great service
Tyler G.
Geoffrey K. Avatar
Cozy neighborhood bar that has a little something for everyone. Pool, darts, and pinball. We came because we were craving some skee-ball, and stayed for the cheap, strong drinks. Had a great time.
Geoffrey K.
Nate t. Avatar
One of my favorite spots on the hill. They pour nice and heavy, pool table, darts, pinball and peanuts.
Nate t.
Jathaniel E. Avatar
What a great place! I wish I was there now. Found the referral on Beer Advocate for a place to get a craft beer not too far from the REI Camping Store. Service was great as well as the folks around the bar. I even got offered and gladly received a bag of whole bean single-origin roast from a patron. It was unbelievable, as if I was having a pleasant dream. Check out their web page for a list of offerings; I had the dark cherry cider.
Jathaniel E.
Andrew R. Avatar
Chill environment and great drinks
Andrew R.
Annika H. Avatar
Great place, great staff and great drinks!
Annika H.
Ryan N. Avatar
Great menu that's updated frequently. Super friendly staff. Cool bar and ambiance.
Ryan N.
Ari M. Avatar
Cheap, stiff drinks, big TVs, enjoyable atmosphere, and great service. Definitely recommend!
Ari M.
Ari Avatar
Cheap, stiff drinks, big TVs, enjoyable atmosphere, and great service. Definitely recommend!
Ron B. Avatar
5 star rating Best bar on the hill. Always kind. Doing their best with COVID. Good people running the place. Nothing bad to say. Sports-minded...great place to watch a game.
Ron B.
James M. Avatar
Great service, great atmosphere!
James M.
Emily S. Avatar
great bar, great vibes! the owner is amazing, the staff is great and attentive and always a great atmosphere.
Emily S.
Greyson C. Avatar
great atmosphere, always comfortable and safe. the owner, bartenders, and regulars are all great people who are open and fun to be around. 12/10
Greyson C.
De'Anthony R. Avatar
Great atmosphere and some serious pool playing goes down here
De'Anthony R.
Carmen W. Avatar
Had the time of my life New Years Eve. I’m new to the area and I met all the sweetest people here. 10/10 would recommend ☺️
Carmen W.
Jesse W. Avatar
great place to watch the Seahawks.....very big screen projector big 📽️ cool environment great drinks and beer
Jesse W.
Terence B. Avatar
Facts about Hillside bar.
The bartenders are some of the kindest humans you will encounter.
The drinks are delicious, and there are many options to choose from.
There are many places to sit.
They have big buck hunter, and a pool table.
There are two bathrooms.
Terence B.

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Caleb J. Avatar
Caleb J.
Love the atmosphere. A great place to unwind with great drinks and friendly bartenders!