Hillside Trivia Night

“Everyone likes a little ass, but no one likes a smartass.”

You can feel it welling up in your gut, coming to a slow boil. You grit your teeth, you take a sip of your drink, you clench your toes, trying absolutely anything to avoid starting a sentence with, “Interesting thing about that, did you know…?”

You’ve been here before. You’ve seen the pained eye-rolls. You’ve watched your friends and acquaintances fidget, shift in their seats, and look away. You’ve seen your date step away to take a phone call and never return.

There was that time when someone casually mentioned the Roman Empire when clearly they were referring to the Byzantine empire. There was that time when someone commented favorably about the Classical music in a department store when it was totally Baroque. There was the time when someone, engaged in a quaint if banal conversation about love, quoted Socrates when it was obviously Aristophanes. There was the time when—no, Bill Paxton was in Apollo 13, and Bill Pullman was in Independence Day.

You try to hold it back, but it’s like trying not to pee when you’re finally ten feet away from the bathroom after a long walk home. And, alas, you fail.

Well, Peepants, there is a place for you on Capitol Hill.

Hillside Trivia

Knowledge is  Power  Money and Beer

On the first Wednesday of every month, Hillside hosts a trivia night. That’s right, it’s your opportunity to shine! Your special powers of useless memory won’t be so useless. People you find attractive may find you attractive in return. You will be picked first for the team for the first time in your life, maybe.

You can win cash. You can win beer. You can win envy. You can win admiration. You can win bragging rights. You can be the queen or king of Capitol Hill. All for just a few bucks in entry fees.

Watch our events page for upcoming trivia nights. In the meantime, you do you.

“I used to be a nerd. Thanks to Hillside Trivia, now I’m a champion nerd.”

Hillside Trivia Quote